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The Race Track Death Valley
The Race Track Death Valley
Death Valley with the Panamint Range
Badwater Basin
Death ValleyAfter The Storm
Stormy Death Valley
Bad Water Death Valley
Badwater Basin
Eureka Dunes And The Last Chance Range Death Valley
Arterial Distruction
Intimate South Coyote Buttes
"Self Portrait" Champion Spark Plug Mine
  If there is any life when death is over,    These tawny beaches will know much of me,    I shall come back, as constant and as changeful    As the unchanging, many-colored sea.       If life was small, if it has made me scornful,    Forgive me; I shall straighten like a flame    In the great calm of death, and if you want me    Stand on the sea-ward dunes and call my name.   Sara Teasdale
Strange Space
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