"Capturing the "Moment "
As a photographer and adventurer I tend to be drawn to more remote locations.  They are not the "Iconic" scenes that evoke emotion and recognition.
Most of the areas I tend to frequent you really have to want to be there. Many of these location have no trails just a route, and some of the time it requires going back several times for the right light, right time of year, right amount of snow melt, staying a few nights, maybe sleeping where no one else in their right mind would so you can get up early enough to get the shot.
Then there is the scouting trips some you win some you lose at least for the shot.  Being out in nature one can never really lose.
I have tried not to get to caught up  in the need to capture locations that have been frequented thousands of times ( even if no photo is ever the same. )
I hope those who have taken the time to view my work enjoy it as much as the time I have spent capturing and sharing these wonderful treasures that God has given  us.