Poetic Willow
Canyon Creek In Winters Grace
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Canyon Creek In Emerald Robe
Canyon Creek, Fall
Canyon Creek, Spring
Canyon Creek, Spring
Canyon Creek, Summer
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The River's Promise
Canyon Creek
Canyon Creek / North Fork American River
Crossing Paths
The Last Passage
   I did a marathon drive home from Utah .Driving from Escalante over the Burr Trail through Capitol Reef, Utah, Reno Nevada to California. I had to use 4 wheel drive over the summit in the high Sierras, the whole time in the back of my mind was low snow in the North Fork drainage. As I drove into the lower sierras early in the morning with little sleep and feeling road weary there was an amazing greeting from the Dog Woods shining like fresh pearls among the Kellogg Oaks and Sugar pines.  The first day home I hit my favorite Dogwood spot on a beautiful slope of B.L.M. land that has been brushed and well taken care of. The Dog Woods are in full Bloom, and are spectacular this year even though we are experiencing severe drought conditions. Home Day two the weather predictions of low snow were on the horizon, I prepared for a hike as the storm was clearing checking radar I headed out. I got to my favorite go to weather spot hiking in clearing clouds,at least I thought. I got to the canyon rim and as I got my camera out it started to rain no big deal get out the umbrella as so many times before, then WIND,then SNOW, lots of it. The dogs started stressing and I had to call it. This is where I should have just said ok how much colder and wetter can I get ? the dogs have fur their fine, but no I pack up in a raging snow storm and head back up a very steep slope meant for mules and miners I get to the top wet from rain, snow, and sweat. to see the storm break and shine some of the most beautiful light on the snow covered Pinnacles . I wanted to cry.... I walked away so sad ,cold ,tired, and wet.  I just was not done, so I headed back up the road to the Dog Woods now in a few inches of snow... oh the sight of pale green and pearl white Dog Wood blooms draped in crystal white snow.  So Not all was lost many images to post after the mowing, weed eating and pool cleaning and planning for my next trip back to Utah for a slot canyon adventure.    
Standing In The Light
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